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I like writing because it's timeless. It's telepathy. Maybe what you write now will reach someone that will need to read it, in another time, whether days or decades from now, in another space across the world. You'll be connecting your mind with theirs.
Articles, June 13, 2021 (changes)
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Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

It's interesting how things happen to us. This week I posted a story on Instagram about a workout I had finished, and a friend sent a message congratulating me. Then, we started to talk about training and what motivates us. I told him that what motivates me was the five years habits project. The "interesting" part happened because our conversation became different from our initial talk, only about workouts.

He also read others articles, said that I'm doing great and that he'd read everything I wrote from now on. So, first of all, thank you so much for your support. I do appreciate that. It's fuel for me to continue what I'm doing, that is, writing and hoping that I can impact an immense number of lives. So, because of all this, I'm writing this letter to you.

Before starting our letter, I need to create some context. My friend told me that it's awe-inspiring what I'm doing with my website. He'd want to do something like this, but he thinks that this isn't easy. He also asked me if I don't want to impact many people because I don't share my posts often and that I should divulge more. So, given this context, here is my letter for you.

I've taken some ideas from How to Live by Derek Sivers.

The Letter

Do you know what is the most valuable real estate in the world is? The graveyard. Do you know why? It's because there lie millions of half-written books, dreams never reached, ideas never shared, and talents never developed.

I like writing because it's timeless. It's telepathy. Maybe what you write now will reach someone that will need to read it, in another time, whether days or decades from now, in another space across the world. So you'll be connecting your mind with theirs.

My first goal to start this blog is to prove that I can create consistency in keeping the writing habit. In the beginning, I just wanted to sit every day and write a little. Then, in another day, write a little more. Today, after more than one year of doing this, I can say that it's almost natural for me to do this. I chose writing because it helps me think clearly, which is a meta-skill I want to develop (I will also write about the meta-skills I want to create). Why don't you use this same goal to start writing?

I like to think that this website is a Digital Garden. Little by little, I'm creating stuff, writing some pieces of notes, some articles. I'm focusing less on the results and more on the process of creation to get there. And like a garden, it will grow, and maybe something will impact a lot of lives. So, answering your question if I want to reach a lot of people? I do, but not necessarily now. I believe in the "telepathy" idea that someday, somewhere, someone will need to read what I'm doing here.

And yes, I need to divulge more. Divulgation is the last step of the whole process. I think that soon I'll expose more because it's a natural part of the process. When you least expect it, you'll see many posts about my texts on Instagram, haha.

I must admit that I was also afraid to start this blog and share my thoughts. But I had the luck of having special people to support and encourage me since my first post. Don't focus on people who will criticize you, focus on the ones rooting for you. When I was starting, someone has attacked me because I was posting things that weren't relevant. At the same time, a friend sent me a message telling me to ignore that person, that I was doing very well. I had two choices that day: listen to my friend or the one that was criticizing. Guess who I heard? If this happens to you, know that I'll be your biggest fan and that you can count on me.

I talked only about writing, but you can choose wherever you want that is better for you. It could be recording videos, creating images, or doing podcasts. It doesn't matter the way you chose. Create. You have a lot to offer to the world.

Everyone has a soul deeper than the ocean. You have a soul deeper than the ocean. Share your depth with the world, make the graveyard less valuable.

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