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Books, September 16, 2021
By Reid Hoffman, Chris Yeh. Read more about the book here.

By Reid Hoffman, Chris Yeh. Read more about the book here.


  • Blitzscaling means that a business grows rapidly, but also proportional in all departments, and therefore sustainable.
  • Blitzscaling strategy embraces significant risks and uncertainty.
  • This strategy prioritizes speed over efficiency.
  • Every blitzscaling company should seek to maximize these four growth factors:
    • Network effects. Companies that grow rapidly can achieve the first-scale advantage, which is a substantial competitive advantage.
    • Market size. For a company to blitzscale, its market needs to be sizable.
    • High gross margins. They give companies more than money. They also make it easier to fund expansion, operations improvements and attract more capital.
    • Distribution. You need to have a good distribution of your product and services to achieve a massive scale.
  • Product/market fit and operational scalability are crucial to achieving the speed of blitzscaling.
  • Companies need a management strategy and long-term growth plan.
    • Management strategy helps the company define the departments, management philosophy, organization, and company culture.
    • A long-term growth plan means that the company has a business plan that supports the rapid, temporary, even unprofitable blitzscaling.
  • Seven general patterns that successful companies have followed:
    1. They sell pure digital products.
    2. Digital management of physical products.
    3. SaaS.
    4. Leverage the power of platforms like iTunes.
    5. Take advantage of online marketplaces.
    6. Power of online content-sharing feeds, like Twitter or Facebook's timelines.
    7. Advertising.


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