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Hyperbolic Discounting

This theory states that humans discount the value of a later reward, by the factor that increases with the length of the delay.
Zettelkasten,April 06, 2021

Natural Planning Model

It's the more effective way to think about projects and situations because it makes thinks happen sooner, better, and more successfully.
Zettelkasten,June 07, 2021

Decision Mental Models

Decision mental models are models that is used to make a decision.
Zettelkasten,April 22, 2021

Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost is the loss of the benefit that could have been enjoyed if the best choice was chosen instead.
Zettelkasten,June 03, 2021

Radical Delegation Framework

This framework helps you assign and do work that must be done.
Zettelkasten,June 09, 2021
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The Four-Criteria Model for Choosing Actions in the Moment

It helps you decide which action you take in the present moment.
Zettelkasten,April 22, 2021