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Natural Planning Model

It's the more effective way to think about projects and situations because it makes thinks happen sooner, better, and more successfully.
Zettelkasten,June 07, 2021

Reactive Planning Model

When a team starts a project without planning ahead, it's possible that the reactive planning model ensues.
Zettelkasten,June 06, 2021

People Systematically Overlook Subtractive Changes

When faced with a problem, people tend to prefer solutions that add new elements rather than removing elements, even if removing is the more efficient solution.
Zettelkasten,April 23, 2021

Hyperbolic Discounting

This theory states that humans discount the value of a later reward, by the factor that increases with the length of the delay.
Zettelkasten,April 06, 2021

The Threefold Model for Identifying Daily Work

It helps you to identify the kind of daily work that you can be engaged in.
Zettelkasten,April 24, 2021

System Mental Models

System mental models are models that is used to help you understand how a system works.
Zettelkasten,April 23, 2021