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AIDA Model

AIDA model helps understanding better the process or steps that the consumer goes through before purchasing a product.
Zettelkasten, August 08, 2020 (changes)


  • AIDA model helps understanding better the process or steps that the consumer goes through before purchasing a product.
  • E. St. Elmo Lewis developed it in 1898.
  • AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.
    • Attention: attract consumer attention via advertising materials. Example: consumer watches a YouTube ad.
    • Interest: the product should arouse consumer interests. For example, the website presents more information about the product to the consumer.
    • Desire: the seller should create a desire in the consumer to own the product. For example, the seller provides examples and benefits that the product will bring to the consumer.
    • Action: the consumer must take action, whether buying or not. For example, in e-commerce, this is the shopping cart process that must be easiest as possible.
  • Nowadays, this model is not complete because:
    • It doesn't consider the emotion associated with a selling process, which is an elementary consideration.
    • It doesn't include target social-demographic types of users.
    • The process doesn't need to be linear as proposed by this method.


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