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It's a situation where a group of people meets to think about a problem and try to have as many ideas as possible.
Zettelkasten, May 13, 2021 (changes)


  • It's a situation where a group of people meets to think about a problem and try to have as many ideas as possible.

    • They should be able to think about as many spontaneous ideas as possible.
  • Brainstorming keys:

    • Go for quantity, not quality: keep the thinking expansive. The group should have as many ideas as possible, not worrying about the quality. Sometimes you'll realize what's a good idea only later on.

    • Don't judge, challenge, evaluate, or criticize: this rule keeps the creative process of generating and extending new ideas. By keeping this rule, the participants will feel free to generate unusual ideas. Wild ideas should be encouraged.

    • Put analysis and organization in the background: these activities should not be the driver of the brainstorming. Worrying about structuring the ideas may block the creative process. Just make sure to grab all and keep going until you get as many ideas as the group want.

  • It's important that brainstorming is part of the overall context of the planning process.

    • It should not be seen as a single activity and the group is just doing it for its own sake. If this happens, it can seem trite.


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