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Design - Density

Dense UI should be applied to display tables, lists and long forms because the user can scan, interact and compare the information easily.
Zettelkasten, July 03, 2020 (changes)

Design - Density


  • Density is defined as how much space has between elements in your screen.
  • Principles:
    • Scannable: dense UI allows users to see more content easily.
    • Prioritized: dense UI allows users to focus because it removes spacing between content and actions.
    • Visible: dense UI allows put more content on a single screen.
  • Dense UI should be applied to display tables, lists, and long forms because the user can scan, interact and compare the information easily.
  • Dense UI should not be applied in elements that expect more focus by the user, as dropdown or date picker. Dense UI, in this case, decreases the tappable space thus reducing usability.
  • To create scannable groups of contents, each group should have a high density and the outer layout (where each group is inserted) should have a lower density. This makes the differentiation between the groups easier.


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