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The Threefold Model for Identifying Daily Work

It helps you to identify the kind of daily work that you can be engaged in.
Zettelkasten, April 24, 2021 (changes)


  • It helps you to identify the kind of daily work that you can be engaged in.

  • It's a system mental model.

  • It was taken from the book Getting Things Done, by David Allen.

  • The three different kinds.

    • Doing Predefined Work: doing tasks that were previously determined. You're making calls you need to make, attending meetings, preparing a report, coding, or analyzing your SEO metrics.

    • Doing Work as It Shows Up: things come up unforeseen and have to or choose to engage in as they occur. When you follow these leads, you're deciding that they're more important than anything else you have to do at those times. For example, your partner requests your help to understand some routine of your application.

    • Defining Your Work: this entails clearing up your lists, your digital messages, and your meeting notes, and breaking your projects into actionable steps. As you process your inputs, you will be:

      • taking care of small tasks;
      • tossing and filing numerous things;
      • adding things to your lists as you go along.


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