Pedro Arantes

Last Mile Problem

The last mile is the last thing to do before finishing something else.
Zettelkasten, February 06, 2021
## Notes - The last mile is the last thing to do before finishing something else. - It's the most inefficient part of the delivery. - In the telecommunication field, the last mile problem appears when the signal cannot reach more distant places. - An optical fiber ring may exist in the dense part of a city but doesn't react edges of the town. - Cable branches must be installed so that the signal arrives in the edge. - On logistics, the products quickly arrive in metropolitan distribution centers, but it's more difficult to reach far or more inaccessible places. - These places may be small cities or rural areas. - Maybe there isn't good infrastructure to connect these places to the distribution centers, i.e., there is a river between them and needs a ship to deliver the goods. ## Questions - How could you define the last mile problem to a 9 years old child? - Besides telecommunications and logistics, which fields also have the last mile problem? - Why last mile problem is the least efficient part? - Which companies do you know that overcome the last mile problem? Was it a competitive advantage? ## References - [Wikipedia. Last Mile]( - [Adam Hayes. Last Mile]( - [Stigo. The Last Mile — the term, the problem and the odd solutions]( ## Backlinks - [Last Mile in a Software Project](/last-mile-in-a-software-project)
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Last Mile in a Software Project

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