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Better Writing

Write like you speak, do not try writing with more elegant prose.
Zettelkasten,June 09, 2020 (updated at April 10, 2021)


  • Create a "banned words" list. These words are the ones we use in casual conversations.
    • Examples:
      • Just
      • That
      • Already
      • Actual / Actually
      • Think
      • Pretty
      • Really
      • To be
      • Great
      • Around
      • A lot
      • Very
      • Thing
      • Much
      • Unfortunate / fortunate
      • Nice
  • Avoid adverbs.
    • Your text becomes more cluttered and slower to read when you use many of them.
  • Use conjunctions at the beginning of your sentence.
  • Write as you speak, do not try writing with more elegant prose.
    • If you want to write more eloquently, improve the way you speak.


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