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Startup Studio

It's an organization that creates startups following a repetitive process. It acts as a co-founder to startups.
Zettelkasten,March 08, 2021 (updated at April 10, 2021)


  • Also known as venture building, startup factory, startup foundry, or venture studio.

  • It's an organization that creates startups following a repetitive process. It acts as a co-founder to startups.

    • Besides providing funding for early-stage startups (as a venture capital do), Studios will also assign members of their team to help the original founding team build the startup.

  • The products of Startup Studios are startups.

  • Some Studios:

  • A Studio must have its thesis to get focus on.

    • A Studio thesis is principles to be followed in every decision making.
    • Examples of thesis:
      • Improving healthcare.
      • Improving the ways of payments.
      • Building AI-powered products.
    • Without a thesis, Studios may become overwhelmed and lose cost-saving efficiencies.
      • This makes Studios valuable.
  • Studios make money through startup exits.


  • Studios may help early stage-startups in technology, operations, management, financial... fields. Is it a good strategy they assume the role of CEO of a startup?

  • How important is the team of a Startup Studio?

  • How many startups can a Startup Studio manage at the same time?

  • What are the differences between Studios and startup incubator? And startup accelerator? And venture capital?


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