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Welcome to my Digital Garden

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I like to think that this site is my "digital garden", not a blog. I use this term because I use here to write about some thoughts and ideas I have and want to share with the world. And like a garden, a place where things grow, here is a site in which I "seed" my ideas little by little.

There are two kinds of posts here: articles and Zettelkasten. Articles are texts that I put more creative efforts to write, I share some idea, try to create some correlation among different topics. Zettelkasten is notes that I write when I doing some research. These notes don't bring anything new, it's just I piece of information about some topic. Articles use these notes to give more credibility to the posts.

The recommended posts aren't sorted by chronological order, but for a relevance rating I attribute to all posts.

This site is open source and you can find it on GitHub.

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Five habits for the next five years
Habits are the less spent energy strategy that we can use to achieve goals in our life. Habits require more time to achieve the objectives, require more consistency, but it lasts forever.
Articles,January 02, 2021
Chunking and Memory
Also, chunking improves our creativity because we need to create a meaningful connection among groups.
Zettelkasten,May 24, 2020
Dunning-Kruger Effect
Is a cognitive bias hypothesis in which people with low ability at a given task overestimate their ability at that task.
Zettelkasten,January 30, 2021
Startup Studio
It's an organization that creates startups following a repetitive process. It acts as a co-founder to startups.
Zettelkasten,March 08, 2021
The Evolution of Anxiety
The Delayed Return Environment causes chronic anxiety and stress because our brain was designed to live in an Immediate Return Environment.
Zettelkasten,May 22, 2020
Zettelkasten is a method in which you write down your thoughts in notes, tag and connect them over time.
Zettelkasten,May 21, 2020
AIDA Model
It was created to understand better the process, or steps that the consumer goes thought, before purchasing a product.
Zettelkasten,August 08, 2020