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Welcome to my Digital Garden

Photo by Nagesh Badu on Unsplash

Photo by Nagesh Badu on Unsplash

I like to think that this site is my "digital garden", not a blog. I use this term because I use it here to write about some thoughts and ideas I have and want to share with the world. And like a garden, a place where things grow, here is a site in which I "seed" my ideas little by little.

There are two kinds of posts here: articles and Zettelkasten. Articles are texts that I put more creative efforts to write, I share some ideas, try to create some correlation among different topics. Zettelkasten is notes that I write when I doing some research. These notes don't bring anything new, it's just I piece of information about some topic. Articles use these notes to give more credibility to the posts.

The recommended posts aren't sorted by chronological order, but for a relevance rating I attribute to all posts.

This site is open source and you can find it on GitHub.

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Five habits for the next five years

Habits are the less spent energy strategy that we can use to achieve goals in our life. Habits require more time to achieve the objectives, require more consistency, but it lasts forever.
Articles,January 02, 2021
Reading time: 4 minutes

Last Mile in a Software Project

These final adjustments can have fewer tasks compared with the core, but it is the laborious part, then the time to finish it is almost as the core time implementation.
Articles,March 22, 2021
Reading time: 5 minutes

No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs

This book is expressively for entrepreneurs and business owners who wear many hats—those who can't resist piling more responsibility onto his own shoulders, who has more great ideas that time and resources to take advantage of them, who runs (not walks) through each day. Your time is incredibly valuable to you, and you are constantly 'running out of it.'
Books,April 04, 2021
Reading time: 21 minutes

My Story - The Dance Teacher

The worse was that I was not being the owner of my life and it was being ruled by others, not by me. So, I asked myself, "How long won't I live my life and I'll let others live it for me?" Trust me, that question turns my life upside down, in the best of sights.
Articles,May 09, 2021
Reading time: 4 minutes

Mental Models

Mental models are frameworks, worldview, representation, or explanation of how something works. They're how we understand the world.
Zettelkasten,April 06, 2021

Chunking and Memory

Also, chunking improves our creativity because we need to create a meaningful connection among groups.
Zettelkasten,May 24, 2020

Dan S. Kennedy

One of the very highest paid direct-response copywriters in America.
Zettelkasten,April 03, 2021