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Hello, I'm Pedro. Welcome to my blog! I consider this blog as my digital garden and a tool to leverage some personal tasks (I'll show them to you soon). The first reason for creating it was to improve my learning process with the Zettelkasten method and share the notes. The method is a way to effectively organize my studies notes and ideas and connect them through tags and references so that I can find correlations that I could overlook otherwise. The second reason was to improve my English writing skills, because Portuguese is my native language, and to think clearer.

I believe sharing knowledge is powerful because I can leverage my studying hours. Instead of reading a book or an article and keeping the knowledge only with me, I leverage the studying hours by sharing my conclusions and synthesis with others. Doing this also increases my serendipity field—the chances to connect with amazing people increase so that we can share experiences and opportunities, and have good talks. If you want to contact me for any reason, you can find all my social media and communication channels on my contact page. It'll be fun to meet you!


As my blog grew up and I started to use it more and more, I've created more functionalities to automate some tasks. So, besides the Zettelkasten engine, I've also made the features below in chronological order.

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Sometimes I need to find a post or a reference given a keyword that I know that I used in the post. So I've created a search engine to help me find it. I've also created a all page that shows all posts, books and notes titles.





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