Pedro Arantes


I'm an entrepreneur, engineer, architect, programmer, product developer, writer, sales guy, athlete, and dancer.

I build businesses and products that solve problems for real people.

Me :)

Me :)

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What I'm Doing Now


I hold a degree (2011 - 2015) and an MSc (2016 - 2017) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from EESC - USP. During my undergraduate studies, I was a member of the Warthog Robotics team, where I worked on architecting and creating electronics for the robots in the Electronics Division. In my last college year, I was the director of the Control Division, where we were responsible for modeling the robots' dynamics and creating the control algorithms. Also, in my last college year, I was awarded a scientific initiation scholarship on electromagnetism field theory, which was the subject of my master's thesis.

In 2017, after defending my master's thesis, I decided to leave the academic world to enter the entrepreneurial world. I co-founded Triângulos Tecnologia, a tech company founded by two other university friends and me. I'm involved in many different areas like recruiting, business ideations, detecting people's real problems to solve, and all the kinds of jobs you need to do when you have a young business. But my leading roles are CTO and managing the company's operations.

My Life Philosophy

I believe that everything changes. Everything I wrote here may be the truth for me in some moment of my life, but it may not be the truth for me in some other moment of my life. Everything changes depending on our experiences, motivations, and fundamental beliefs that we choose to have. So, I'm not attached to any conclusions but to the fundamentals that lead me to those conclusions. I'm writing My Personal Constitution to help me to elucidate my fundamentals, principles, goals, and values. It's probably lifelong work.

Independently of the fundamentals I consider essential for me, I strongly agree with the following Socrates' quote: "It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." For me, the body here doesn't refer only to the physical body but also to our mental, emotional and spiritual body. Once we strengthen these four bodies, we reach a state of full engagement mode, where we can achieve our full potential. I want to live in this mode.

Among these four bodies, I'm most fascinated by spirituality. I believe that a state of complete presence and consciousness exists, which Jesus and Buddha have told us. When we reach it, we don't identify anymore with our egoic mind, and the notion of time that we know doesn't make sense anymore. Only here and now exists—the timeless essence of our being.


If we consider that doing any creative work is an art, then I'm an artist because I'm an entrepreneur. In this case, my art is finding people's problems and creating the solutions they need.

Mathematics has its beauty too. It's a little nerdy, but I consider math axions, theorems, proofs, and equations beautiful. Mathematics is the language of nature. I also enjoy architecture, in appreciating buildings, homes, decorations, colors, geometry, furniture positions, light, and empty spaces. In a certain way, these beautiful places make me feel good. Dancing is another form of art that I relish. The combination of music, movements, the connection with my partner, the balance between the firmness in conducting, and the confidence to be led amazes me.

Finally, I love taking photos with my mobile. So the question is, "How can I find the beauty of this place and capture it with my mobile?" I'm not a professional photographer, but I like that challenge. I'm also fascinated by the aesthetics of digital art, and this is my NFT digital art collection.

I'm a Minimalist

I'm a minimalist person and I believe that there are many advantages to living a minimalist lifestyle. For one, it helps to declutter your life and live with less stuff. Having less stuff means that you have less to worry about and you can spend more time focusing on the things that are important to you. Additionally, minimalism can help you save money since you're not constantly buying new things that you don't really need. Finally, living a minimalist lifestyle can help reduce your environmental footprint since you're not consuming as many resources.

More About Me

  • I love kids. I like them because they're full of life and energy. But, to be honest, I'll enjoy being with any person with such characteristics.

  • I enjoy walking at the end of the day. I like to walk alone or with someone at the end of the day to recharge my energy. The place doesn't matter so much since I get some time to disconnect from the world, especially the digital world.

  • I can't stay up late. My body is used to sleeping early because of my five habits project. So when I hang out with friends or go to parties, I ask them if we can schedule it not too late because I can't stay up late.

  • I post my "worst" photos on Instagram. I don't like to post only photos that I consider "perfect" on Instagram, it's not fun. I don't take life so seriously, and I want to show that on my Instagram.