Pedro Arantes

What I'm Doing Now

A little about myself.

I was living in São Carlos, SP, Brazil, but because of the pandemics, I'm living with my family in the countryside of São Paulo state. I'm enjoying this nomadic life. This place's flexibility and close to my family and friends are some of the home office advantages.

Besides my professional life, I have a personal project of cultivating five habits for the next five years to see how they may improve my life. Writing is one of them, and it was a reason that motivated me to create this blog and share everything I'm learning.

I'm most excited about two topics: #mental-models and asymmetric opportunities. Mental models are great because they give you a new perspective on seeing the world, people, and situations. If you have an arsenal of mental models that you can use in any case, then the probability of solving problems or making better decisions increases immensely. Asymmetric opportunities are fantastic because they give you a new perspective about creating and spot opportunities whose upsides are far more significant than the downsides. Asymmetric opportunities leverage your time and energy.

I'm creating a project that I call The Network as a side project. We can see it as my second brain. I'm making connections among my posts and tags and displaying them in a network diagram. The most intriguing part is that I can choose any two topics and create a relationship between them. The relationship powers the Zettelkasten method because it may give some insights that I would overlook otherwise.

Finally, I'm writing My Personal Constitution. Reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People convinced me that I need my principles, values, and goals to guide my life. I'll never finish this lifelong document because I'll update it wherever the stages of my life change—sometimes, I may add, change or remove some of the values or principles. The great point of the constitution is that it'll help me handle external pressures, like social or money paradigms. For instance, one of my values is power, being a force of nature, and I need to keep a balanced lifestyle to power up my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies capacity. Sometimes, opportunities to make a lot of money may cost me my emotional and physical health. The constitution will help me recognize and ignore these external pressures and pursue my goals.

I created this page inspired by Derek Sivers'