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I like to say that "I'm an entrepreneur that sometimes uses some code to solve problems". The "entrepreneur" part is because I'm Triângulos Tecnologia co-founder. The "uses some code" part because I'm a frontend/serverless developer, normally based in São Carlos, SP, Brazil.

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I'm graduated (2011 - 2015) with a Master (2016 - 2017) in Electrical and Computer Engineering at EESC - USP. My graduation and master topic studies were focused on electromagnetism, a subject very very interesting for me. But, in 2017, I decided to work with web development. It's easier to build stuff because you need only a computer with Internet. Currently, I'm serverless, focused on AWS, and React frontend developer at Triângulos Tecnologia, a tech company founded by me and more two friends from university.

Normally I'm based in São Carlos, SP, Brazil, but because of pandemics, I'm living with my family in the interior of the São Paulo state. I must confess that I'm enjoying this nomadic life. I'm really considering pack my notebook, with my phone routing the Internet, and travel a lot of places for some time before coming back to São Carlos 🌎. This is one home office's advantage.

Besides spending a big amount of time coding, in parallel, I'm cultivating good five habits for the next five years to see how they may improve my life. Writing ✍️ is one of them and was a reason that motivates me to create this blog. Here I'm going to share topics not so correlated to technology. Tech posts I'll write on

One of my hobbies is studying music, but not playing instruments, rather coding. I love electronic music, love coding and I found Sonic Pi, which is a code-based music creation and performance tool. I'm still learning, but I'm already appreciating this tool. By the way, the photo at the beginning of the page was taken at a concert I've watched. It was the best presentation I've ever seen in my life! The concert was performed by Orquestra Jazz Sinfônica de São João da Boa Vista and they performed musics like Another Brick in the Wall version orchestra.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers'