Pedro Arantes

What is Zettelkasten?

Zettelkasten is a method in which you write down your thoughts in notes, tag them, and connect them over time. The sociologist Niklas Luhmann used this method, which helped him be highly prolific in his field. During his 40 years of research, he published more than 70 books and over 400 scholarly articles.

I enjoy this method, and I use it when I'm learning some topic or trying to create correlations among topics. If you want to know more about it, I recommend this post that explains the history, advantages, and how to create a Zettelkasten for you. I've also written some notes about this method.

My notes usually have four main parts:

  • Notes: they're my notes about the topic.
  • Questions: they're questions I made while studying the subject to perform a metacognitive reading.
  • References: these are references that I consulted to write the notes.
  • Backlinks: links to other notes that refer to the current page.
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