Pedro Arantes

Planning - Me


MJ Stack

Brushing teeth, meditating, journaling, and making the bed before starting the day. I can only use my mobile and check social media after completing it.

Workout Stack

Workout six times a week in the morning—three times going to the gym and three times doing stretching.

Plan My Day Stack

Planning my day before starting it. I check the Calendar, review the tasks I planned the day before on Finish My Day Stack, check ClickUp, and plan the day using BuJo. I also need to define a time to end the day.


  1. Review the tasks I planned the day before on Finish My Day Stack

  2. Check the Calendar, ClickUp, Discord, and GitHub

  3. Plan the day using BuJo

  4. Define a time to end the day

RW-DP Stack

Reading, writing, and doing my daily post. I schedule what I read to write on my daily post after 28 days.


  1. Open kanban board

  2. Check the priority task

  3. Write about the priority task and move to FORGETTING status

  4. Daily post the task with due date equal to today and move to DONE

  5. Determine the next priority task and move to PRIORITIES status

Working Blocks Stack

I work in blocks of 45 minutes with 15 minutes of breaks. I start these blocks on minutes 0.

Finish My Day Stack

When I finish my work day, I review the current day and plan the next using BuJo.


Triângulos Tecnologia


Find a Great Woman

Master Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

Connect with the Universe

Find and Love Myself

Have a High Level of Self-Confidence

Meditate 30 Minutes Every Day

Journal Every Day

Work Hard

Master Time Management

Fight Resistances

Become More Focused

Build a Successful Company

Master Physical Energy

Master Mental Energy

Master Emotional Energy

Master Spiritual Energy

Read Every Day

Write Every Day

Workout Six Times a Week

Learn Business

Learn Product Development

Create Social Capital

Make a Lot of Money

Eat Healthy

Sleep Well

Stretch Every Day

Plan the Day

What I Want to Be?

To Be a Time Wealth and Minimalist Person

To Be a Successful Entrepreneur

To Be a Spiritualized Person

To Be a Person Who Is Light to Others

To Be a Person Who Is in Full Engagement Mode

To Be a Great Person to My Family