Pedro Arantes

Money Supply

In macroeconomics, money supply is the quantity of the money in circulation that an economy have in a point of time.
Zettelkasten, February 18, 2021
## Notes - In macroeconomics, the money supply is the quantity of money in circulation that an economy has at a time. - Money supply can be defined as the quantity of the currency in circulation. - Each country may use the definition that best makes sense to them. - It affects the [inflation](/zettel/inflation). - If the money supply rises, inflation rises. - If the money supply decreases, inflation decreases. ## Questions - Why does inflation increase/decrease if the money supply increase/decrease? - Are there other definitions of the money supply besides "quantity of the money in circulation"? ## References - [Wikipedia. Money supply]( ## Backlinks - [Inflation](/zettel/inflation)
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