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Scrum Master

Scrum Master is a role of a scrum team.
Zettelkasten, November 07, 2021
## Notes - Scrum Master is a role of a [scrum](/zettel/scrum) team. - Scrum Master roles and responsibilities: - A team guide. - Knows Scrum very well and coaches the whole team on the Scrum process. - Looks for ways to fine-tune the team Scrum process. - Is a facilitator, as they schedule the needed resources (human and logistical) for the events/ceremonies. - Helps the team optimize their communication, transparency, and delivery flow. ## Backlinks - [Scrum](/zettel/scrum)
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Is describes a set of meetings/events/ceremonies, tools/artifacts and roles to help teams structure and manage their work.
Zettelkasten, February 25, 2021
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