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Product Owner

The product owner (PO) is a role of the scrum team—it's an individual.
Zettelkasten, March 30, 2022
## Notes - The product owner (PO) is a role of the [scrum](/zettel/scrum) team—it's an individual. - Isn't always the [product manager](/zettel/product-manager). Compared with PMs, PO is more detail-oriented and focuses on the mid-term. - He ensures that the developer team delivers the most value to the business on each sprint. - She's a person that represents the business and stakeholders. - He creates and manages the product backlog. - She gives the team clear guidance on which features to deliver next. - She may create user stories for the development team - He decides when to ship the product. ## References - [Kalo Yankulov. Product owner vs. product manager: Who runs the show?]( ## Backlinks - [Scrum](/zettel/scrum)
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Is describes a set of meetings/events/ceremonies, tools/artifacts and roles to help teams structure and manage their work.
Zettelkasten, February 25, 2021
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