Pedro Arantes

When WIP Is High, Purge Low-Value Projects

When WIP is high, purge low-value projects from the queue to make room for high-value projects.
Zettelkasten, November 21st, 2022.


The cost of a job when the queue state is low increases when the queue is in a high state. Therefore, it's logical to purge jobs of low value from the queue whenever there is a surplus of high-value jobs, ensuring open slots for other high-value jobs. You must ask whether it's appropriate to hold jobs in the queue using your economic framework. It's like a hospital moving noncritical patients from the limited number of emergency room beds to serve critical patients.


  • Why does the cost increase when the queue is in a high state?
  • What factors must be considered before deciding on whether or not to hold jobs in the queue?
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