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Daily Scrum

It's a Scrum ceremony whose purpose is to inspect progress toward the Sprint Goal.
Zettelkasten, May 24, 2021
## Notes - It's a [Scrum](/zettel/scrum) ceremony whose purpose is to inspect progress toward the Sprint Goal. - It's a 15-minute event for the developers of the team. Product Owner and Scrum Master also participate if they're actively working on items in the Sprint Backlog. - It gives a macro vision of the project. Everyone on the team will be on the same page. - Improves the team's level of knowledge. - Optimizes the probability that the team will meet the Sprint Goal. - Each member of the team answer these questions: - What did I do yesterday? - This question helps managers manage and organize the backlog, priorities, and the value that will be delivered to the product. - What do I plan to do today? - This question helps each member of the team to create focus and improves self-management. - It also gives a little [slack](/zettel/slack-and-efficiency) to each member. - Are there any obstacles? - Allow members to help each other after meeting. - It's not a status meeting. The status meeting goal is to report what was done to the manager, only. Besides this goal, Daily Scrum also provides: - Self-organization: each member must plan their next steps and fulfill their accountability. - Maximize transparency because it enables frequent inspection and adaptation. This is important to deal with the complexity and unpredictability that exists in software development. - Remember the team about the Sprint goals and values to be delivered. - Collaboration. Once someone has been blocked, a team member can help to solve the problem. ## Questions - Can Daily Scrum be done asynchronously? ## References - [ What is a Daily Scrum?]( ## Backlinks - [Scrum](/zettel/scrum)
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Is describes a set of meetings/events/ceremonies, tools/artifacts and roles to help teams structure and manage their work.
Zettelkasten, February 25, 2021
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