Pedro Arantes

Operations Departments of a Tech Company

A tech company typically has engineering, product, design, marketing, sales, customer support, and operations.
Zettelkasten, November 17th, 2022.


A tech company typically has the following departments:

  • Engineering: developing and maintaining the company's products and technology.
  • Product: managing the development and release of new products.
  • Design: creating and executing the company's design vision.
  • Marketing: generating awareness and demand for the company's products.
  • Sales: generating revenue by selling the company's products.
  • Customer Support: assisting customers who use the company's products.
  • Operations: managing the day-to-day operations of the company.


  1. What are the specific responsibilities of each department?
  2. How do the departments work together to achieve company goals?
  3. What challenges does a tech company face when scaling operations?
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