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Paid Social Media

You have more control about the public which will see your content.
Zettelkasten, March 30, 2021
## Notes - Is another word for advertising. - You have more control over the public who will see your content. - Target ideal customers. - It is used to grow your campaign. - Reach a larger audience, not only your followers and the followers' followers. - Generally used to boost the best organic content. ## Questions - When paid social media is preferable over [organic social media](/zettel/organic-social-media)? ## References - [James Gurd. Understanding the role of organic vs paid social media]( - [Paige Cooper. Organic vs. Paid Social Media: How to Integrate Both into Your Strategy]( ## Backlinks - [Organic Social Media](/zettel/organic-social-media)
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Organic Social Media

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