Pedro Arantes

The Feynman Technique

It's a method that you can use the learn about anything.
Zettelkasten, May 29th, 2020.


  • It's a method that you can use the learn about anything.

  • It is based on the method Richard Feynman used initially.

  • It makes you read in a metacognitive way.

  • It has four steps:

    1. Choose the subject you want to learn and write down everything you know about the topic.

    2. Try to explain what you know to a child—you should be clear and concise.

      • Clear: children don't understand jargon or a dense vocabulary. You have to speak in plain terms. Also, we can use jargon to hide our lack of knowledge.

      • Concise: children have a small span of attention. You need to be brief when explaining your ideas.

    3. Identify gaps in your explanation. If you're struggling to explain clearly, go back to the material.

    4. Review, organize and simplify.

      • You can also tell a story once you understand the topic.
  • You're understanding something, not only learning the names of something.

  • It makes you admit what you don't know.


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